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Justin Armstrong Discography

  Artist Project Credit
Listen Aiden Knives & Knives (Clean) Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Mixing, Producer, Engineer
  Aiden Nightmare Anatomy Engineer
  Aiden Rain in Hell Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Assistant
  Anyu Reasons Engineer
  Brent Arnold Last Boat Assistant Engineer
  Audio Slave Audio Slave Assistant Engineer
  Jon Auer Songs from the Year of Our Demise Bass Engineer, Editing, Drum Engineering
Listen Matt Bekker

Matt Bekker

Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Bee Pillars Guitar, Engineer
  Leroy Bell Two Sides to Every Story Mixing, Engineer
Listen Katelyn Berreth   Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  The Blood Brothers Crimes (US & 2-CD) Assistant, Assistant Engineer
  The Blood Brothers Young Machetes & Young Machetes Bonus CD Assistant
  Blood Hot Beat Blood Hot Beat Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Listen Canibus-Keith Murray The Undergods Engineer, Mixing
  Cat Power Free Engineer, Mixing Assistant
  Christopher Alan Campell Two Sides to Every Mixing
  William Control Hate Culture Audio Engineer, Mixing
  William Control Noir Mixing
  Dead Low Tide Dead Low Tide Assistant
  Death Cab for Cutie Plans Engineer
  Deftones Deftones Assistant Engineer
  Eclectic Approach Jump Into Life Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Expatriate Expatriate Engineer
  Fitz Singles Engineer, Mixing
Listen Peter Frampton Fingerprints Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
  Geddy Lee My Favorite Headache Assistant Engineer
  Keith Harris-Black Eyed Peas   Engineer, Mixing
  Harvey Danger Little by Little... Assistant Engineer
  Hills Of Elysium   Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Himsa Courting Tragedy and Disaster Assistant Engineer
  Jam on White Bread What's That Mean? Engineer
  JC Flow Verb Noun Vibe Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Alex Kajumulo   Mixing
  The Kin   Engineer, Mixing
  Kon Artist D12   Engineer
  The Lashes   Engineer
  Maktub Say What You Mean Assistant Engineer
  Paul Manousos For Better or Worse Engineer, Mixing
  Dave Matthews Away from the World
Steve Lillywhite, producer
Listen Dave Matthews Eh Hee
John Alagia, producer
Engineer, Mixing Assistant
Listen Dave Matthews AOL Sessions Engineer, Mixing
  Dave Matthews Dave Matthews Corn Bread
Mark Batson, producer
  Midstokke Midstokke Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Nirvana Box Set Engineer, Mixing Assistant
  Norma Jean O God, The Aftermath & O God, The Aftermath (Deluxe Edition) Mixing Assistant, Sampling
  Original Video Game Soundtrack Stubbs the Zombie: The Soundtrack Assistant Engineer
  Steven Page The Vanity Project Mixing Assistant
  Lincoln Park Live Show Mix Mixing Assistant
  Pearl Jam Riot Act Assistant Engineer
  Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Assistant Engineer
  Liz Phair   Engineer
Listen Dan Purser Dan Purser Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Queensryche Tribe (Dual Disc) Mixing Assistant
Listen Radumus Radumus Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Red Museum Red Museum Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Listen Paul Rogers Movie Soundtrack Engineer, Mixing
  Erick Sermon   Engineer, Mixing
  The Side Project The Side Project Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  Something Corporate North (CD & Bonus Tracks) Engineer, Second Engineer
  Something Corporate Played in Space: The Best of Something Corporate Engineer
  Spoonshine Spoonshine Engineer
  SXY SXY Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  SYFT SYFT Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  The Vanity Project Vanity Project Mixing Assistant
  Various Artists Christmas in the Northwest, Vol. 8 Engineer
  Vaux Plague Music (EP) Engineer, Mixing, Producer
  Via Ventura Hot Surface High Pressure Engineer
  Warren G   Engineer, Mixing
  Mycle Wastman I'm All Over It Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  The Wedding Present Search for Paradise Engineer
  The Wedding Present Take Fountain Engineer
  Wordblender Anatomy Mixing

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