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Justin Armstrong Audio and Videos
(we are currently experiencing a play back issue with our mp3s but not videos. check back soon. thx)

Dave Matthews
Listen Eh Hee  

Dave Matthews AOL Sessions
Listen Grace is Gone  

Listen Killing Machine (language!)  
Listen Scavenger of the Damned  

Matt Bekker
Listen Kid in the Corner  
Listen Shade of Red  

Katelyn Berreth
Listen Geography  

Canibus – Keith Murray
Listen I Just Gotta Be Real  
Listen No Brainer  

Peter Frampton
Listen Black Hole Sun  

Dan Purser
Listen Feeling You  
Listen Johnny Jack and Jim  
Listen Sail Away  

Listen Just Miss You  

Paul Rogers
Listen Track 1  
Listen Track 3  

Instrumental For Sale : Contact Justin
Listen Ice Cream Man  

justinc9@gmail.com | 206.484.4194